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 The Vampire Rules

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The Vampire Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Vampire Rules   The Vampire Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 09, 2011 5:57 pm

These rules apply to all vampire members. All vampires must read these rules.

Vampires arn't allowed to gang up on wolfs. You may have a personal fight with a wolf but not on any school grounds. You can't attach wolfs without a reasonable reason and only if the vampire elders give you permission to.promised to not attach wolves without a reasonable reason. Vampires are allowed to go to school with werewolfs. Sun light doesn't harm vampires but it does irratate them, meaning you can walk outside during the day. Most older vampires sleep during the day and the young attend school. Young vampires mostly agreed with going to school just to get a nice snack or actually learn something. Many vampires are able to give birth to other vampires just like humans can give birth to other humans.

Vampires can enter churchs and crosses have no effect on them. Vampires can see in the dark and are very fast creatures. Holy water can burn the skin of vampires and takes days to heal. Vampires arn't allowed to kill humans but feed from them. You may not kill someone unless they give you permission. Vampires are allowed to date werewolfs if they please.

Alot of vampires have special powers but not all of them. Some can ready minds, shoot fire, or freeze lakes. There are thousands of different powers, different vampires have but only one power per vampire. Vampires can get into alot of trouble bringing a human or werewolf into the Vale Manor.
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The Vampire Rules
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