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 The Werewolf Rules

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The Werewolf Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Werewolf Rules   The Werewolf Rules I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 12, 2011 6:52 pm

These rules apply to all werewolf members. All werewolf members MUST read the rules.

Werewolf are also called lycans or lycanthrope, depending on what country your from. Werewolfs are shapeshifters. They can transform from a human into a wolf. Young wolfs can ONLY transform during a full moon. Most older werewolfs can transform when every they choose. If you are a werewolf you must be born as a one or bitten by one. If you were bitten you need to be realistic. You can't get bitten then the next day you go around as a wolf. It talks a couple of days or weeks till you start to gain your powers and start to transform. You can only turn into a fully werewolf during the second moon of the month.

Werewolfs have super strength and senses better than humans and wolfs. They live and age just like humans and are the known enemies to vampires. Disliking vampires is a werewolf instinct to most werewolfs. Alot of werewolf packs disapprove of young wolves getting involved with vampires. The werewolfs that think vampires arn't a threat to the whole werewolf race are considered the bad guys to werewolfs that hate vampires. Even though vampires and werewolfs are enemies doesn't mean they can't date. Please be realistic and dont just get married or date someone that you just met and dont kill anyone without asking that person's permission. Werewolfs and vampires go to school together and are forbidden to fight each other on school grounds.

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The Werewolf Rules
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