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 Before you roleplay

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Before you roleplay Empty
PostSubject: Before you roleplay   Before you roleplay I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 08, 2011 9:19 am


You MUST make a character. Your character must be approved by an Admin or Mod before you can role play.

Please use proper grammer and spelling. Type out your actions and put your speech in quotations while role playing.

Admins over powers Mods, Mods over power you. You are allowed to join Mods and maybe even Admins.

If you follow the general rules, you wont have anything to worry about. If you dont follow the rules, your most likely to be banned for the site.

If your leaving the site for a while or permanently, please tell us, so we can make up an interesting way to get rid of your character.

All rules apply to everyone.

Humans who live within London and around London, know of vampires but humans farther away dont have a clue vampires even exist. Humans in England made a treaty with vampires and werewolfs to keep their secret from the world.

ONLY FOR MODS. You will be assigned a section of the site to moderate. Like if for example, you get an application section, your job is to approve or disapprove applications according to the requirements and if in your opinion their character is a good whatever the application is for. If you dont have a section that doesnt do with applications, your job is to read through all posts and make sure they follow the rules. If someone needs help please help them. If you cant help them please PM an Admin, for help.


ONLY FOR ADMINS. You dont have very much work to do. You only need to help Mods who PM you, moderate the Mods and make sure their not abusing their powers, and help anyone that needs you. I moderate you to make sure you dont abuse your powers. If you have any problems PM me.

Thanks for reading this. Very Happy
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Before you roleplay
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